Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Encouraging Words

Hope you're ready for an across the board, wildly digressing ramble.

I was chatting with Kristen this afternoon, and she said something that struck a chord.

Today has been a roller-coaster of a day.

Fasting Ketone (0.8), Glucose (100) and Weight (206) readings this morning that are anything but encouraging. 206 lbs. appears to be my new plateau ... I've hit it repeatedly over the last couple of weeks, but haven't moved under it.

Kristen snuck this shot of
me showing my son (Brennan)
that his old man can still do it

But then, here at the office I had a coworker offer me a donut, and when I politely declined, she commented "Good for you, and you're looking good, keep it up". Or words close enough. That felt good.

Now, back to the conversation with Kristen. She said something about not being "allowed" to "like" pasta. At which point, I said

You're allowed to. You choose not to. You choose to eat healthily. You are not denied anything. I've found that's a better way to look at it, at least for me, which is why it's no problem for me to resist free choice donuts from coworkers, or spicy mango down on the "Take me" desk in the lunch room, or all the "Take some" candy dishes scattered throughout the office. I choose to eat healthy, I'm not denied anything. I do this for myself.

And, really, that's the truth.

So, as a word of encouragement for anyone who might read this, and also feel like giving up the carbs is too hard, try not to think of it as giving something up, think of it as doing yourself a favor.

This goes for any addiction, really. I quit smoking 23 years ago, and am glad I did. And, it turned out to be a huge gift to me, in the end, in so many ways.

Giving up the carbohydrate addiction will, in the long run I think, be a similar gift to myself.



  1. Looking very good, Mr. Burgess <3

  2. I'm pretty new to this low carb thing and I'd never heard eating too much protein would impact energy levels... just wish I weighed 206... that will be a few months from now but I'm on a mission to become a lean, mean, sex machine!

    1. Our theory is that I've been eating enough excess protein for my body to attempt use gloconeogenesis to replenish the glycogen in my muscles (, instead of my muscles using ketones for energy like we want it too. My body seems to be very resistant to making ketones in the first place, and also seems to want try any way it can to use glucose instead, including making it.

      My fasting blood ketone and glucose numbers seem to support this.

      I plan on writing a post soonish detailing what we did, and how it worked (or didn't).